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Listening is not just having your ears open, speaking the same language, and grasping the content of what you heard. Effectively listening involves hearing not only what is spoken, but also what is not spoken, what is “between the lines.” Truly good listeners naturally tune into the subtle nuances of communication – body language, tone of voice, inferences, emotional content, and much more.

Good listeners do not listen to judge, condemn, fix problems, or debate. Instead, they listen to understand: they make it their goal to stand in the other person’s shoes for a moment, to see the world through that person’s lens, and to affirm that understanding.

So little real listening takes place in the world that many people spends thousands of dollars to see therapists primarily so that they can have the experience of being really heard. It turns out that being deeply listened to and understood is powerfully healing. Imagine if you could spread some of that healing around in your world? Why not give the gift of listening to someone you love today?


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