Hong Kong will not follow Fed rate cut of 0.5%

September 18, 2007 at 11:31 pm | Posted in economy | Leave a comment

The China interest rate is on the rise & Hong Kong inflation is climbing. There is noway that Hong Kong will follow the US interest rate. 美國聯儲局大幅減息半厘,進一步削弱美元的吸引力,美元兌一籃子貨幣匯價,至十五年低位. 高息貨幣備受追捧. But HSBC cut prime rate by 0.25% tomorrow. 匯豐銀行跟隨美國減息四份一厘,最優惠貸款利率明日起,下調至七厘半.存款息率亦相應下調,十五萬以上的紅簿仔息率降至兩厘二五. 本港多家銀行跟隨美國,減息四份一厘.其中,匯豐,恆生銀行(0011.HK)及中銀香港(2388.HK),最優惠貸款利率明日起,下調至七厘半.而渣打及東亞就調低至7.75厘. 匯豐銀行總經理梁高美懿指,新股活動令本港拆息仍偏高,所以今次並無跟足美國減息幅度.她又預期,美國今年內會再減息四分一厘,以紓緩次按造成的信貸收縮.


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